Perennial Fellows

Join the Perennial Fellowship – a fellowship of friends

Our fellowship takes its inspiration from the pioneering group of socially responsible landowners and forward-looking social influencers who, in 1839, founded a charity to support horticulturists. There was a profound need; gardeners often lost their homes as well as their incomes when ill health or age forced them to retire.  With no state pension they were left to fend for themselves. 

Our fellows have the same belief and drive today; they are determined that every gardener, landscaper or designer, nursery worker, arborist or groundskeeper will have the best possible start to their career, work life and retirement.  

The kindness of our Perennial fellows means we are able to plan for this future with certainty.  That’s because, despite state benefits and pensions, there is actually more need than ever for our work.   

70% of those we help today are working everyday in our gardens, woods, sports fields and nurseries. As more people hear about us, this number will grow – and we want to be sure to meet the need.  

Our fellows mean we can be there when those people in horticulture need us most. That’s often at a crisis point in their lives; serious illness, a divorce, the death of a partner, redundancy or career-ending injury. Being able to turn to someone who not only understands but can help practically means everything.   

But we want, increasingly, to be there to prevent illness, injury or financial problems getting out of control – or even prevent them happening at all.   

That’s the future we want to see – and our fellows are the people who we rely on to help us achieve it. 

Becoming a fellow could change lives for the better, forever 

We want our fellows to be involved in every aspect of our work.  With a Perennial fellowship you are entitled to: 

  • Invitations to exclusive events where you can meet other Fellows 
  • Complimentary access to our gardens at York Gate, Fullers Mill and The Laskett for two people (April to September) 
  • Priority booking for our annual programme of special garden tours and events (For up to four people per event) 
  • An acknowledgement in our Annual Report (if desired) 
  • A dedicated member of the Perennial team as a key contact 

To become a fellow of Perennial, we suggest an annual contribution of £2,500 (although a number of our fellows give more).   

Your contribution can be paid as a one-off donation, by regular Direct Debit or standing order.  As a charitable contribution it may also reduce the amount of tax you pay.